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Management Snapshot Patrick Digby General Manager - Trades, Engineering and Resources

05 April 2012

Management Snapshot

Patrick Digby
General Manager - Trades, Engineering and Resources

What is your biggest achievement in your career to date?
There has been many ups and downs in my 22 year history in recruitment. However, what I really enjoy is working and developing along with my team.

I was recently selected to mentor and develop two 'young' senior consultants over a period of one year. There were a number of tests and goals to be achieved, for their investment in the company and their own careers.

They are now department heads, one based in Sydney and the other in Melbourne. I enjoyed the 'journey' we all had together and the learning from each other.

How does your role contribute to Trojan's goals?
I look at the Trojan values.

Customer Sovereignty: I believe our job at Trojan is to find solutions for our customers, not just recruitment needs. Going that extra mile to bond and form a partnership for the future of our business.

Integrity: Building up trust between customer and consultant has to be earned. That comes down to what you represent and I am proud to be a representative of the Trojan Recruitment Group.

People Really Matter: At Trojan, people really do matter. It is refreshing to be part of a team that cares for each other.

Ownership: My position holds me responsible for the development of not only our business, but also my team. I have a responsibility to each member of our team, that they have an input and ownership of the direction we build our business.

Agility: Agility can mean many things, such as, balance, coordination, speed, reflex, strength, endurance and stamina. I believe that's what we do at Trojan, we wear ALL these different hats, to defend and develop our business, and we do it well.

The greatest challenge in your role?
Commitment, passion and drive to be successful in the development of the construction & engineering sectors, making Trojan a major national player within the engineering recruitment industry.

What are your interests outside the office?
Sadly, I am not as young as I used to be, so my interests are rather boring. I study art (Renoir & Van Gogh). Reading engineering facts and figures and of course nice quiet nights out with my wife Lesley.

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